Do you sell all this in display only and anything else?

Our product offerings include both display items and other packaging materials. You can explore our full range on our website.

Do you have them in white?

Certain sizes are available in white kraft. If you're interested in white packaging and need a specific size, a custom order can be placed.

Do you have a thicker box in the same size?

Our boxes are available in a specific board grade. If you require a thicker box, we can create custom boxes to meet your requirements.

Can you print my logo on this box? Can you customize this box? (another way people ask for custom printing)

Yes, we offer custom printing services for boxes. The possibilities depend on the print area and the number of colors you'd like to use. Please refer to our logo printing requirements and visit our custom printing guide for more information.

How many come in a bundle?

To Be Announced (TBA). Please check our product listings or contact our customer support for specific bundle details.

What is MOQ?

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) varies based on bundle sizes and product types. Please refer to our product listings for MOQ details.

What size satchels suitable for this box?

To Be Announced (TBA). We will provide guidance on compatible satchel sizes soon.

What type of protective packaging should I use to protect my products?

If eco-friendliness is a priority, we recommend using materials like biofil, tissue paper, brown paper, honeycomb cardboard, paper roll, shredded paper, crinkled paper, or butcher paper. Otherwise, bubble wrap is an effective option for protection.

How to assemble this box?

We provide assembly instructions for our boxes. For RSC boxes, you can also find a video demonstration on our website. Additionally, we offer small instruction manual printouts with QR codes that link to the product page containing a video demonstration.

What is the weight of the box?

The weight of the box varies depending on its dimensions and the type of material used.

Are they Australian made?

Yes, the majority of our products are Australian-made. Only small cartons are imported from overseas.

What is the bulk buying price?

Please refer to our price tier list on our website for bulk buying pricing details.

Do you do wholesale?

No, we do not offer wholesale services. Our prices are available for both trade and retail customers.

Do you sell to the public?

Please refer to our store location page on our website for information on purchasing options for the public.

Are these prices for trade or retail prices?

Our prices are available for both trade and retail customers.

What is the thickness of your boxes?

We typically use E-flute (1-2mm thick), B-flute (3-4mm), and C-flute (5-6mm) corrugated cardboard, depending on the product and requirements.

What is corrugated cardboard?

Corrugated cardboard is a material known for its strength and versatility. It consists of three layers: an inner fluted layer between two flat liner sheets.

Do you make retail boxes (slotted boxes)?

Yes, we can manufacture retail boxes (slotted boxes) with a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 1000. Please contact us for a quote.

Do you have gift boxes and/or hamper boxes?

Gift boxes and hamper boxes will be available soon. Stay tuned for updates on our website.

Do you sell cardboard sheets (sometimes called backing sheets)?

Yes, we offer cardboard sheets, also known as backing sheets, for various applications.

Can you make a multi-crease box?

Yes, we can create multi-crease boxes to meet your specific packaging needs.

Can you make pallet-size boxes?

Yes, we have the capability to manufacture pallet-size boxes to accommodate larger shipments.

Are the measurements internal or external?

The measurements provided are for the internal dimensions of the box.

Are they sturdy enough to send my parcels safely?

We cater to numerous e-commerce businesses, and our high-quality cardboard sheets are designed to ensure parcels are sent out safely. We prioritize maintaining the quality of our products and do not compromise on quality.

Is this good enough to send overseas?

For overseas shipping, we recommend double-layer cardboard sheet boxes, which we can custom-make to suit your needs. However, smaller die-cut boxes may require placement within another box for international shipping.

Does it come flat packed?

Yes, our products typically come flat packed for ease of shipping and storage.

I cannot find the box I need?

We offer custom box solutions for both mailers and shipping cartons. The MOQ for die-cut boxes is 3000, while shipping cartons have an MOQ of 50 for locally made products.

What is Die-cut boxes or RSC boxes?

Die-cut boxes and RSC (Regular Slotted Container) boxes are common packaging styles. Die-cut boxes are custom-cut to specific shapes, while RSC boxes are standard rectangular boxes.

What is the cubic meter of this box? (volume) As well as cubic weight - how to calculate cubic weight.

The cubic meter (volume) of a box can be calculated by multiplying its external dimensions (in meters) - length, width, and height - and then multiplying the result by 250. This is commonly used by couriers to calculate cubic weight for shipping charges.

Are these boxes made from recycled material?

Yes, the majority of our boxes are made from 70-80% recycled materials, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.

Are these recyclable?

Yes, our boxes are recyclable, contributing to environmentally responsible packaging practices.

Are they from responsible resources?

Yes, most of our cardboard boxes are FSC certified, ensuring that they come from responsibly managed forests. All our boxes from ABBE and OJ are sourced with sustainability in mind.

Do you have picture or photo frame mailers?

Yes, we offer picture and photo frame mailers, including acrylic art mailers. Custom-made mailers can also be created to meet your specific requirements.

Can you make dividers?

Yes, we can manufacture dividers to help organize and protect your products during shipping.

Do you have the decompostible satchels?

We do not currently offer compostable satchels.

What thickness of satchels are you selling?

Our satchels have a thickness of 80 micrometers (80um).

Are satchels recyclable?

Yes, our satchels are recyclable, though they are not made from recycled materials.

Do you have them in different colors?

No, our satchels are currently available in a standard color.

Can you cut to size for mailing tubes?

Yes, we offer custom cutting services for mailing tubes with a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 500.

Are they recyclable?

Yes, and they are made from recycled material.

Can you print on tubes?


Are mailing tubes strong enough to send my things?

Our mailing tubes are designed to provide sufficient strength and protection for your items during shipping.

What is GSM? Explain paper thickness.

GSM (Grams per Square Meter) is a measure of paper thickness and weight. It's determined by weighing a one-square-meter sheet of paper. Thicker paper has a higher GSM value. Plastic thickness is measured in micrometers (µm).

When will my order ship?

All in-stock orders received by 12pm Monday to Thursday will be shipped out the 

same day. Orders received after 12pm Monday to Wednesday, will be shipped out the following day. Orders received after 12pm on Thursday, will be shipped out on Monday.

How can I pay?

We accept various payment methods, including AMEX, to provide you with flexibility and convenience in your transactions.