300x400mm (100pcs) - PM6 - Black Poly Mailer Satchels


Black PM6 Plastic Poly Mailer Satchels 100-300x400mm


Poly mailer satchels are great to use for any kind of product. It is highly flexible, so it can mold around your product, saving you time and money on other kinds of packaging. It is tear-resistant, withstanding rough handling during shipping, and will save you on shipping charges as it can take up less space and weight than a box of equivalent volume. This makes it a very economical packaging choice and will improve your company’s reputation by ensuring your product arrives safely to your customer.

Packaging ideas:

There are several ways to use poly mailer satchels effectively, such as:

  • Using a small-sized box that fits into the satchel.
  • Wrapping your product in bubble wrap, which fits into the satchel.
  • Placing your product into a bubble mailer (see bubble mailer under ‘products’) that goes into the satchel.
  • If your product is apparel, simply place the clothing into the satchel and seal it.


  • Made from 100% polyethylene plastic
  • Tear-proof, ideal for long-distance shipping.
  • Water-proof, superb for international shipping.
  • Matte surface that allows easy writing
  • Strong self-adhesive that will not open by hand.
  • Extremely flexible material that will easily fit multiple products.
  • Light-weight, saving you shipping charges.


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