230x305mm 50um (100pcs) - Clear Resealable Zip Lock Poly Bag


High Quality Clear Resealable Zip Lock Poly Bag 230x305mm 50um

The zip lock bag is a frugal, versatile, sealable and re-sealable small baggie which is available in many size dimensions. Commonly, these bags are purposeful for storing a variety of things conveniently and also for

serving as the perfect storage solution for both the home and workplace. You can freeze and deep freeze vegetables and meat for future consumption. This is made possible because zip lock bags have a durable

seal which prevents oxygen or leakage, therefore enabling the contained items to remain protected and fresh for a longtime. This is what makes the zip lock bags reusable!

Zip locks are made to preserve freshness, lock and seal tightly, and organize your items.

If you or someone traveling with you must take medications regularly, then Zip locks are ideal for organizing those meds safely.

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